Sunday, 5 September 2010

Google Management VS Everyone Else

Google Management VS Everyone Else

Google Complex

In Google, employees have the ability to work free without any restrictions and constant supervision but they should provide the company with positive results of their work.

Google lavish employee perks, which include top chefs in the restaurant and free massages for stressed-out engineers.

In Google, employees do not need to follow a strict dress code or some rigid rule. Ofcaurse, this style does not mean that Google does not care about the effectiveness of work of its employees or about results of the work.

Gary Hamel in his book ' The Future of Management ", posts that more and more companies would adopt the Google’s management system .
In contrast, there are companies like Intel, using cubes where people working, without parks and restaurants, with strict dress code and more supervision.

I am in the middle line position. 

On the one hand, freedom is good because stimulates innovation but...

....on the other hand no supervision at all or at least little supervision may lead to unpleasant results, especially with employees that they are not very self-organized and self-disciplined.

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